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Do you often feel like you are on the treadmill of life, worn out, tired, burnt out, and performing for God?


Well, it's time that we get set free and enter into the journey of our true identity; it's time to take back the identity that has been stolen from us, stolen by life, stolen by religion, stolen by the enemy. It's time for freedom, and it’s time to apprehend our true identity.


It’s a longing of mine to see believers walk in freedom and see them thrive, regardless of the season they find themselves in. Freedom from what, you may ask? Freedom from sin, sickness, bondage, guilt, condemnation, shame, religion, addictions, and Christian “performance.” The answer is more simple than we could ever think.


As a minister of the gospel now for over 20 years, a lot has been seen, observed, and learned in this journey. I'm truly grateful for every part of life's journey, as it's formed and helped create me into all that God planned for me. I realise that what you are about to read may be new to many people, and for others, perhaps it will just help take you a little deeper into the freedom that Christ destined us to live in.


This book jumps into the heart of the Father, union with Christ, a fresh look at understanding righteousness and the finished work of the Cross.


Let's get free and walk in the power of God and be heaven's transformational agents.

Apprehended Identity: Taking Back What Was Stolen

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